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Round Silversmith Rock Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Round Silversmith Rock Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Elegant Silversmith Rock Calcite stone elegantly wrapped with antiqued copper wire 28x6 MM. The copper wire has been oxidized to give the pendant an aged, vintage look, and a clear, protective coating has been applied to the wires so they won't tarnish or change color over time. Comes with a free chain.

Since there are so many colors and types of Calcite crystals, you may feel different energies with each variety. However, in general, the Calcite family is known for its uplifting and cleansing energies.

Focus on Calcite when you want to absorb the positive lessons from your life experiences. It helps you get rid of those energies which no longer serve you.

Wanting to cut ties with toxic relationships? Move on from stagnant routines? Advance in your life? Use Calcite to get back into the flow of progress.

A stone of abundance both in the physical and metaphysical realms, Calcite reminds you that there is so much more to your world than your small bubble. Live life colorfully with the array of Calcite gemstones.
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